Transportation Transportation Car travel to grocery 149300176 Ferry crossing at FM 529 149300179 Hempstead Rail Road Depot View from the edge of the tracks on Red River opposite the SE corner of Red River (11th St.) and Bremond. Pretend it is 1920, maybe earlier? We are looking NW. Four separate buildings comprise the station complex - depot, baggage room, express office, and freight house. The freight house with its attached office is not shown and is to the left of the photographer. We see the south end of the lunchroom at the first bay window, it joins a waiting room, then the office at the second bay window, separating another waiting room. Beyond the third bay window is the baggage building. Farther down the tracks we see the separate express office building, it is almost on Austin St. The saloon in the background would be on Austin at the alley. Beyond the saloon, we see the south side of the Sam Schwartz Building, facing west on 12th St. The buildings to the left of the saloon and on the NE corner of Austin and 12th St. are one story. 149300181 H&TC Station Hempstead 150371305 Rail Road Depot 1956 Last Passenger Train 149300190 Cypress Depot. Picture label indicates the location to be in Hockley, TX, but other documentation and pictures indicate this is really the Cypress Depot. 149305685 Hempstead Gas Station 149300182 Hempstead Gas Station Mills Station - Austin and 13th Street 149300183 Unknown Cowboy with horse 149300184 Delivery Truck 149300185 Motorcycle with side car 149300187 Unknown People on Franklin Rainline 134780976 Lillian Spann, Hempstead School Teacher A school bus is in the far background. The first school bus route in Waller County served the Kickapoo School. The Kickapoo bus was older than this Hempstead bus. The Kickapoo School, located on the SW corner of Kickapoo Road and the Waller - Spring Road, opened about 1897 and consolidated with Waller in 1931. 149300189 Brookshire School Bus 1947 135600505 Brookshire School Bus In the 1930?s, the Brookshire School Board decided that with the few students in high school, it would be feasible to transfer and bus them to Katy. The bus driver and teacher in Katy was Ruth Shurbet who donated this photo. 149304407 Automobile of the times 149303632 New Ferry 149300188 Ferry at San Felipe 149303633 Ferry crossing the Brazos at San Felipe 149300180 Ferry at San Felipe 149305682 Ferry crossing at San Felipe 149300178 San Felipe Ferry about 1938 Andy pulling and Charles Cardiff with back 149300177 Ferry crossing the Brazos at San Felipe 149832365 Ferry and Steam Boat on the Brazos The Yellowstone steamship is shown that transported Gen. Sam Houston's army across the Brazos at Bernardo. They lined the sides of the steamship with cotton bales and stormed past Santa Anna's Army while being shot at. 149832366 Ferry crossing on the Brazos at San Felipe For 125 years there was a ferry across the Brazos at San Felipe. It was powered by pulling and the current. This crossing linked Waller and Austin Counties. 149832367 Ferry crossing the Brazos at San Felipe The ferry many people, animals, and goods across te Brazos for a toll and operated from 1823 to 1949. The ferry was on the Atascosita Trail, the route from the United States to Mexico. 149832359 Ferry crossing the Brazos at San Felipe The first ferry was put into operation in 1823 at the Atascosita Trail crossing on the Brazos at San Felipe and James McFarland was made ferryman for life. Owned by the Corporation of San Felipe, it was leased to ferryman. 149832360 Ferry Crossing at FM1458, San Felipe about 1940 149305683 Lunch by the ferry Mr & Mrs. Charles Cardiff 149300191 Mr. Gra cranking car Will Gra cranking his No 48 ?Overland? Pattison, Texas, 1916 149303634 They family car being used as a truck Model T Ford with Cotton Bail in back. 149304404 Farm Work Truck 149303635 Locomotive of the times Texas-Western Narrow Guage Railroad at the Pattison Depot 149303636 Chuck Wagon 149303637 Pete Donigan with horse and buggy 149304405 Buggy used to get around 149305684 Mules used for work at San Felipe 149304406 Sled and mules to haul melons 149304408 Bridge to Bellville from Hempstead 149300175 Coshatta Crossing of the Brazos Indian route from the Gulf Coast (near Indianola or old Powderhorn on Matagorda Bay) through Cat Spring and Millheim in Washington County, crossing the Brazos four miles below present Hempstead and continuing northeast to East Texas. Part of the trail was situated about halfway between the Spanish high road ? El Camino Real ? and the Spanish low road ?Atascocita? and parallel to both, it was sometimes called ?Contraband Trace? and was traveled by those desiring no encounters with the Spanish. Referred to as ?Camino Coshatta? in Mexican land grants. Site of Groce?s Ferry on the Brazos. The most likely reason the Indians crossed here are the thick sandstone ledges not found along most of the lower Brazos. (Also known as the Madelina Crossing and often spelled Coushatti) 149305681 Brookshire School Bus 1947 135601382 First Autos in Brookshire 145410817 150371300 150371301 Houston & Texas Central Locomotive 150371302 Southern Pacific Locomotive 150371304 150371306 150371307 150371308 Spring Fest 150372617 Gage Blackord Hauling Cotton from Myrtle Grove Gin 168315455 Leslie Bradbury Bound for Houston with cotton 168313646 One of first cars in Brookshire Owned by C. J. Rhemann, a King 8 on a trip to Mineral Wells with wife and daughter. 203978268 Ferry Crossing road 203978269 Will Gra Car & info 203978270 Typical horse & Buggy 203978271 Car found in Pattison early 1900's Donated by Billy Knight 200428877 Train Wreck Howth, TX 1908 203985190 England Family Packard 1917 204004002 1917 Locomotive 204005562 Model-T in front of Depot, 1917 Maybe Pattison 204005563 Railroad in 1917 204005564 Yellow Stone Steamboat Traveled the Brazos River 204059392