School Students & Faculty School Students & Faculty 134806989 Adams Flat School 149441861 Adams Flat School 149441862 Bessie Creek School December 20, 1904 The Bess Creek School was located just west of Bessies Creek on the south side of Boseman Road. This is near Pattison. A gristmill was located just east of the creek on the north side of Boseman Road. The old building was moved across the road and across the creek from it?s original site and has been used as a storage shed. Students identified include in no particular order: August Treitin, Ed Neuman Sr., Theo. Treitin, Willie Schumacher, Hattie Kohler, Zelma Schumacher, Emilie Neuman, Charlie Treitin, Rosie, Alma, Robert Krinkle, Frankie Dee Muske, Julia Mynash, Meta Barr, John and Charlie Neuman. Students identified from an article by Jimmie Rene Ogg in ?The Times? with photo. 147013411 Brookshire Class 149306812 Brookshire School 1900 135601107 Brookshire School 1900 Brookshire developed with the railroad and replaced Pattison as the local shipping point in the 1890?s. Kellner, the original site of Brookshire, was platted in 1893, by John Kellner, on the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad - and later renamed Brookshire, when the railroad station needed a name. This is probably more than just a school picture, the photographer was visiting the local schools in 1900 and it appears that everyone wanted to be in this picture. 149441860 Brookshire School 135601365 Brookshire School Bus In the 1930?s, the Brookshire School Board decided that with the few students in high school, it would be feasible to transfer and bus them to Katy. The bus driver and teacher in Katy was Ruth Shurbet who donated this photo. 149441863 Cedar Creek School Group 1924 The Cedar Creek School was one of the first schools organized in Waller County. Cedar Creek Cemetery and school site are located on FM-2979 between Highway 6 and Klocker Road. Klocker is a section of the old Hempstead - Navasota Stagecoach Road that was bypassed and replaced by Highway 6. Some of the students were members of the Heise Family. The Cedar Creek Community was north of the Rock Island Community on Highway 6 in NW Waller County. Cedar Creek flows to the Brazos via Donohoe Creek from north of the Rock Island area of NW Waller County. This hilly area was once dotted with wagon roads, saw mills, and sorghum syrup presses. Cedar Creek is fed by Rocky Creek, which is originates at Hubbard Springs. Hubbard Springs are mineral springs where people came to camp and use the water for health and cures in the 1800?s. Center Hill Road to the south was the site of the Center Hill Settlement, which became a black community with a church and school after the Civil War. 134778301 Hempstead School Group 1951 134778302 Hempstead Grade School 1905 149441859 Hempstead Second Grade Class 1896 Top row: Marion Darwin, Louise Osborne, Alonzo Urban, Reginald Dixon, Rob Harmay Second row: Mr. Kennard - Supt., Katie Whitworth, Nita Davis, Tot Cameron, Vernon Loggins, George Lorraine Third row: Adice Cameron, Carl Amsler, Ruby Henson, Forth row: Eleanor Watson, Fay Soce, Alice Schwarz, Marie Le Gros, Alma Farquhar, Annie Goss 134778303 Hempstead Highschool 1910 Mr. Medders Class 149306814 Hempstead City School 8th & 9th Grade 1888-1889 135601394 Howth School 1924 134778304 1894 School 149441858 Mrs. Bains Brookshire Class 149441864 Baseball Team 149441865 Black School and class 149441867 Brookshire's 1st School Class 1. Stuart Wade 15. Edwina Adams 2. Minnie Mae Smith 16. Lucile Bains 3. Zollie Sterling 17. Necta Donigan 4. Anna Cooper 19. Mary Helen Bains 5. Gladys Cooper 20. Zareh Donigan 6. Mattie Dowman 21. Howard Smith? 7. Mable Bains 22. Parnot Donigan 8. Ollie Rheman 23. Virginia Mills 9. Jeanette Parker 24. Winnie Donald 10. Ora Ford 25. Willie Donald 11. Elza Martin 27. Goldstein 12. Pete Carillian 28. Goldstein 13. Tince Cooper * Others are unidentified 14. J. Cooper or Whitt Bains 149441868 Brookshire Class 149441870 Brookshire Class 1900 149442189 BROOKSHIRE SCHOOL Mr. Marsh and Mr. Rumsey with their classes, sometime after 1911 when the new brick school was built. A number of students have been recognized. Winnie and Willie Donald, Virginia Mills, Mary Mills, Odie and Doris Broghton, Sadid, Mollie, and Lena Solomon, Aline and Crystelle Tubbs, Whitt Bains, Casper, Jr. and George Rheman, Negos Agopian, Sam Harrison, Marguerite and Ina Gray, Ruby and Ernest Henry, Celestia Beyer, Pernot, Mesosh, Bedroz, and Lucy Donigan, Adam Bijie, Byrom and Ford McCauley, Leon Yarbough, Louis and W. J. Cooper, Jr,. and Edwin Mikeska. 149442190 Brookshire School Class 149442193 Hempstead Football 1934 J.O. McKenzie - Coach M. E. Darsey - Asst. G. N. Hill Harvey Mathews Earnest Mathis Jethro Mooney Glen Crowhurst Clyde Fuller Ollie Garrett Harry Fredrick Louis DiIrio Edgar Hitt Walter Weaver Roland Sledge Emmitt Flukenger Harry Sledge Elvin Moore Eugene Sanders Emmitt Hafflefinger Clayton Edwards John Hicks Ennis Villareal 149442198 Fields Store School 1924 149442200 Hempstead School 1888 149442201 HEMPSTEAD SECOND GRADE 1896 Front row: Pat Glenn, Joe Hodges, Ed Glass, Charlie Wheeler, Tom Lipscomb, Sewell Lipscomb, Harry Schwarz, Joe Robinson, Roscoe Hauser, and Willie Goss. Second row: Arthur Sesson, ? Sesson, Dora Schultz, Mary Sterling, Pearl Weaver, Lilly Sterling, Lucy Ralston, Josephine Wier, Sue Bethany, Christine Poole, Ora Harvison, Bessie Schwarz, Rosalie Green, Willie Milo, Cully Norman, Felix Frazier, Watson Manning. Third row: Essie Farr, Willie Thornton, Pearl DeWitt, Hattie Crow, Bessie Fullock, Clara Wood, Betty Woodward, Judith Ephraim. Fourth row: Oscar Finn, Tucker Pickney, Caney Hodges, Saxon Hodges, Howard Cannon, Bayard Robinson. The teacher was Miss Maggie Nahm. 149442202 Hempstead 1904 149442348 Hempstead Baseball Team Back Row: W, B. Wilson (coach), Wright McDade, Major Close, Joe P. Clarke, Archie Campbell, Elliott Tompkins (with lineup sheet) Center Row: Walter McDade (3rd base), Frank Jaynes (first base) Front Row: Warren Russell (catcher) and John Clarke (pitcher) 149442350 HEMPSTEAD FRESHMEN 1934 Mary Sue Davis Edgar Hitt Isubol Falk Robert Lee Kluna Martha Fredrick Weldon Mathews Glory Gaines Calvin Mitchamore Bernice Hauck Ray Mack Mildred Jenkins Robert Lee Pendergrass Charlcie Lisman Jack Reed Mary Morris J. D. Sartain Betty Jo Powell Thomas Shindler Ada Marie Sanders Ennis Villareal Charlotte Schwarz George Wallingford Ruby Fay Spencer John Cecil Whitworth Mildred Wiederhold Morris Wood Foster B. Brooks Sam Monferdini Tom B. Cuny Clayton Edwards Farquhar Burnett - Staff Representative 149442351 Hempstead Second Grade 149442352 Hempstead 1888 149442353 Hempstead School 149442354 HEMPSTEAD HIGH GRADUATES 1930 Left to right, first row: Delphina Sumerford, Mattie Evelyn Lipscomb, Mary Elizabeth Urban (valedictorian), Mary Blumberg, and Alma Zach Second row: Frances Burnett, Lillie Bayer, Hzel Hubbard, Olive Fegain, and Melanee Garrett Third row: Alice Juanita Urban (sautatorian), Jennie Sanders, and Louise Schultz Fourth row: Wesley Slack (Superintendent), Jack Hutchins, Wallace Urban, and Wilson Mitchamore. Wootson Tottenham was absent this day. Photo by Max Kempe. 149442355 HIGHLAND HOME EX - STUDENTS The ex-students from the left are: Ms. Wawarofsky, Sophia Frey, Mary Wawarofsky, Maggie Frey, Julia Frey, Annie Pohl and EllaPohl. The Wawarofsky's are related to the Pohls. 149442356 Howth School (around 1910 Contributed by: Dan Calhoun, Ontario, Canada 188092520 Howth Class 1924 Howth was located where the old Washington road from the Rock Island Ferry crosses the Houston and Texas Central Railroad about 5 miles north of Hempstead. William E. Howth, who died in 1859, received a land grant in another county for participating in the storming of San Antonio. An 1876 H & TC Railroad map shows Howth about halfway between Hempstead and Courtney. The Howth School was opened in the 1880?s and had about 20 students in 1924. Sometimes called Howth Station after 1872 in old deeds and surveys - George Madison Goldsmith was the stationmaster and his wife, Margaret E. was buried in her rose garden. Her grave was attended for years by several old ladies. The 200 families that once lived here are gone and the station site is among newcomers, who do not know of the grave. Surveys include: the Howth - Rock Island Church Road, Howth - Gladish Road, Howth Station - Dewees Road in 1910, and Howth - Hempstead Road, implying Howth was at a crossroads as well as on the railroad. A map, dated Oct. 20, 1869, of the proposed Waller County shows only Howth north of Hempstead on the H&TC Railroad. The nearest towns shown to the north in Grimes County were Courtney and Retreat. 149442357 San Felipe School 1930 Bottom row: Clifford Richardson, Harry Hintz, Lloyd Brune, Rudolph Skrivanek, J. C. Hess Middle Row: Henry Severin, Margaret Phillips, Hildegarde Severin, Thyra Diemer, Upton Diemer Bottom row: Enola Scheck-teacher, Edella Hein, Elizabeth Diemer, Ben Ross, Jessie Quinton, Ora Nell Severin 149832361 San Felipe School 1890 (School on left, town hall on right) Top row: Frank Kunze, Jessie Pitts, Percy Sillman, Gus Berner, Annis Phillips, Maggie Berner, Rose Ross, Katie Brownlee, Rosa Berger, Dona Ross, Prof. R. M. Gannon Middle row: Herman McCloud, David Munger, Henry Berger, Will Berger, Charley Phillips, Lizzie Brownlee, Nettie Berner, Mattie Kunze, Mittis Berner, Hattie McCloud, Oeta McCloud, Hattie Morse Bottom row: Clarence Gernand, Ben Hinsley, Jack Patterson, Lewis Berger, Tom Ross, Sue Davis, Frankie Davis, Idella Hill, Irma Berger, Nellie Davis, Jewl Berner, Katie Pattison, Winnie Davis 149832363 San Felipe School 1930 Bottom row: Warren Hess, Maurice Keonig, ? Meith, Edgar Ross, Curtis, Quinton, P. B. Quinton, George Koenig Second row: Frankie Skrivanek, unknown, Florine Elkins, Evelyn Blakey, Helen Sloan, Irene or Hess Wendt, Bonnie Quinton, May Dell Severin, Waldine Severin, Daniel Skrivanek, Lowell Quinton, Fred Mieth, W. C Quinton Third row: Charley Skrivanek, Henry Sloan, Harry Hintz, Raymond Quinton, Margaret Phillips, Hildagarde Severin, Thyra Diemer, Lloyd Brune, J. C. Hess, Earl Ross, Ruby Dogen-primary teacher 149832364 Josey School 1933 Josey School was south of Hempstead on FM-1887, the "Hardy Farm Road." It was on the east side of the road, just north of the Clear Creek bridge. Josey was the Hardy Farm manager and lived across the road from the commissary and cotton gin, about a mile north of the school. Older children attended the Hempstead School. Black tenant farm children attended the Silent Grove School across the creek. 149442358 Josey School 1933 149442359 Smith School 1924 The Smith School served the Friendship Community. First located west of the home of G. T. Brunn, off Kickapoo Road, in the Shubal Marsh Survey, east of Fields Store. Later moved to just northwest of the Friendship Church. Smith later consolidated with the Waller School. Teachers: Eva Reed and Ester Loggins First Row: Lyle ?Vernon? Jones, Alfred Stokley, Otis Thomas, Garnett Jones, Alton McWilliams, Lee Sheffield, Charlie Bird Clepper, T. B. Yates, Thelbert Peterson, L. D. Stephenson. Second Row: Grace Thomas, Velma Peterson, Lora Clepper, Vera Page, Lillian Jones, Vollie Freis, Lilly Thomas, Annie Dinkins, Pauline Freis, Ollie Stokley, Vanice Jones, Ruby Jones, Thelma Thomas, Charline Harris. Back Row: Cassie Mae Roberts, Lela Riley, Olen Peterson, Edna Lee Stephenson, Talamage Harris, Valine Stokley, Rosetta Sheffield, Ralph Stokley, Lois Stokley, Henry Roberts, Ola Mae Page, Avis Peterson. 134778312 Kickapoo School 149442360 KICKAPOO BASKETBALL TEAM - 1925 The third player from the front is Edwin Oswald Kleb, who later married Hilda Anna Stoerner. The man at the rear is the coach and teacher. Many games were played on a dirt court. 149442361 Kickapoo School Bus The Kickapoo Indians migrated to Texas in 1819 from the Great Lakes area (Ohio). They were welcomed by the Mexican Government because they made war upon the Apaches and Comanches, who constantly raided Mexican settlements. Austin?s map of Texas shows several Kickapoo camps in Central and East Texas. A splinter group was camped on a league of land granted to Jesse Denison on Spring Creek. Dennison never occupied his land and the Indians coexisted peacefully with the settlers until moving westward. The village was on the south bank of Spring Creek at Kickapoo Creek. This area was surveyed and settled in the 1830?s without mention of the Kickapoo. One may assume, that they moved in the 1820?s. Kickapoo tribes did latter fight with settlers in West Texas. 149442499 Macedonia School The Macedonia Community had a church and school located on Macedonia Road between Magnolia Road and Three Mile Creek. The school absorbed the McPherson and Ogg School students, and later consolidated with Waller in 1942. Teachers: Mrs. Ethel Williams on left, Mrs. Berta Dean and son, Boyd on right. Berta Dean later taught at Cy-Fair where a Jr. High School is named in her honor. Front Row: Drury Izard, Buddy Page, Unknown, Lem Clepper, Willis Hargrave, Clifton Simmons, Joe page, Woodrow Clayton, Jack Clayton Second Row: Alice Williams, Irene Lloyd, Mathe Haygood, Thelma Izard, Luther Pitchford, J. C. McDonald, Dudly Haygood, Mildred Williams, Syble Simmons, Martha Hargrave, Ruby Clayton. Third Row: Lillian Dinkins, Delilah Simmons, Ruth Dinkins, Elsie Dinkins, Luda Clepper, Addie Dinkins, Catherine Frazier, Thelma Haygood, Annie Mauree Smith, Lillian Page, Vivian Page. Back Row: Clara Vell Lowery, Entur Williamson, Glen Pitchford, Lille Bell Izard, Vera Dinkins, Phillip Buce, Ada Clepper, Reilda Simmons, Johnnie Bat Simmons, Edna Earle Smith. 134778305 McPherson School 1898 134778306 McPHERSON (SPRINGER) SCHOOL - January 1898 Front row kneeling, left to right: Leslie Dinkins, Frank Pate, Archie Lloyd, Harry Glass, Walter Glass, Nick Dinkins Ernest Lloyd, Isaac Lloyd. Second row, seated: Mrs. Bill Page, Maude McPherson, Norma Pate, Lulu Windham, Agnes Leverkuhn, Ida Glass, Mary Emma Lloyd, Berta Dinkins, Birdie Ray, Edna Sheffield, Effie Hegar. Back row, standing: Lena Page (teacher), Mamie Page, Julia McPherson, Estell Page, Fannie Page, John Page, Tabbie Sheffield, Mollie Ray, Edna Dinkins. Three on very back row standing: Emma May Windham, Tommy Ray, Oscar Dinkins. The tiny girl seated between Mrs. Page and Maud McPherson is not named and probably was not yet a student. 149442501 McPHERSON SCHOOL 149442502 McPHERSON School 1916 Back Row: T. W. Garrett (teacher), Hick McPherson, Martha Leverkuhn (Davis), Warren Peddycord, Clara Davis, Munson Pettycord, Lela Briers. Third Row: Tabby McDonald, Alma Davis, Mattie Frazier, Nelta McDonald, others unknown Second Row: Mary Peddycord, Clara Peddycord, Selma Leverkuhn (Davis), William Page, Bobby Page. Front Row: Maggie Lee Davis, unknown, John O. Page, unknown, J. C. McDonald 149442503 MYRTLE GROVE SCHOOL Myrtle Grove consolidated with the Fields Store School District in 1922 and the first school bus was then purchased by Waller County. Myrtle Grove had consolidated with the Gladish School some fifteen years earlier. Top Row: Mary Clepper, Mattie D. Cook, Maggie Jahn, Jeff Smith, Rachel McAlpine, FannieClepper Second Row: Pat Clepper, Irma McConnell, Charline Blumberg, Gertrude Scroggins, Ida Scroggins, Hubbard Scroggins First Row: Frank Cook, Eustace Blumberg, Edna Clepper, Searcy Lee Smith, Geneva Jahn, Truman McConnell, Duncan Clepper 149442504 Monaville School 149442505 Monaville Girls 149442506 Monaville Consolidated Rally Teachers and students at the Monaville Consolidation Rally. The building on the right is the Monaville School. The Monaville School District once included the Aurora School, Sunnyside School, and the Monaville School. There were 155 schools in 52 districts in the Waller County school system in 1892. Monaville District #13 consisted of Monaville, Aurora, and Bracy Island. Monaville was considered an elementary school during this period. As the school districts changed to comply with new state laws, many families disagreed with the divisions. During 1930, Ora Lee Kilgore Edwards, Dick Kilgore, Laura Burton, and T. W. Morris deeded four and one-half acres to Monaville. This land was adjacent to the original one-acre deeded in 1904 by William Wright. A new building was built and Monaville was classified as a three-year high school in 1931. The Monaville School now had 11 grades. The girl on the left is Eva Willis, the small girls are the Dodd twins, and the young lady in the back is a teacher. Identification was by Minnie Bell, a classmate. The signs were ?computer enhanced? to be legible in the photo 149442507 Monaville Rally This photo was taken at a Monaville School Consolidation rally. The girls are in blue uniform and have identical hats. After a mass meeting at Monaville on August 5, 1929, the County Board of Trustees consolidated the Monaville District and the northwest part of the Bracy Island and the north part of Sunnyside to form Monaville High School as County Unit #3. This division did not last long either. The two little dark-haired girls holding hats in the front are the Dodd twins. From the left: Unknown, unknown, Edwin Repka, Harriett Klehm, Eugene Sledge, Eva Willis, Adele Stasny, unknown, Emily Dodd, Leona Repka, Mary Bee Dodd, Marie Adams, unknown teacher, Minnie (Stasny) Bell, Annie Klehm, Alice Criskoff, Evelyn Baethe, and another teacher. One of the teachers is probably Lucile Willis. 149442508 Pattison School Pattison developed on the Atascocita Trail where the San Felipe Cut Off and the San Felipe Trail branched off. Flourished in the 1800?s with a narrow gauge railroad (Texas Western) and was replaced by Brookshire with the new railroad about 4 miles SE. The ?main drag? was not FM - 359, which was laid upon the old Texas Western narrow gauge railroad bed. The first street (not trail) is parallel and one block to the NE, ending today in the old school yard. The small white painted brick building was the elementary and high school in the 1940?s. The railroad turntable was between the old school and the Post Office on FM-359. 149442510 Pattison School 1930 149442512 Pattison School 1903-1904 134778308 Pattison School Group 134778309 Pattison School circa 1907 The teacher is Beulah White, seated in center front. Eddie Gus Neuman Sr. is the fifth boy seated from the left with hat. Ora Halbison Neiman (not Neuman) is kneeling to the left of the teacher. Ethel Clark is the fair-haired girl at teacher?s left shoulder. The Baronian girls are in the top row in matching dark dresses. This Pattison School was located on the present school grounds across from the old Baker house. Photo from the collection of Marie Neuman Gottfried. 149442511 Pattison School 1933 149442988 PATTISON SCHOOL (1903 - 1904) Mr. Jenkins from Missouri was the teacher and boarded at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Pattison. First Row: Willie Clemons, Ed Pearson, John Gaston, Hike Donigan, George Pattison, Reese Jones, Robert Blystone, Cady Greer. Second Row: Horace Halbison, Walter Ebel, Veta Sterling, Zollie Sterling, Winnie Cliett, Corrie Pattison, Ruby Palmer. Third Row: Lena Ebel, Ella Palmer, Lula Pattison, Lizzie Clapp, Clara Pearson, Sadie Palmer, Sallie Gaston, Fritz Ebel. Fourth Row: Helen Burford, Anna Sterling, Rollins Pattison, Mr. Jenkins, Chambliss Sterling, Tilda Ebel, Ophelia Pearson, Grace Godkin, Mattie Burford, Hamblen Pattison. Pattison was on the Atascocita Trail where roads to Anderson and Harrisburg branched off. It flourished in the 1800?s on the Texas Western railroad and was replaced by Brookshire, about 4 miles SE on the MKT railroad. The ?main drag? was not FM-359, which is upon the old Texas Western narrow gauge railroad bed. The first street (not trail) is parallel and one block to the NE, ending today in the old school yard. A small white painted brick building was the elementary and high school in the 1940?s. The railroad turntable was between the old school and the Post Office. 149442989 Pattison School 149442990 Pattison School 1892 Fisrt Row: Henry Dowman, Grover Gregory, Carroll Clemons, Dewitt Cooper, Walter Viles, Henry Pearson, Henry Dewitt, Eugene Dowman, Edgar Gregory, Jim Pattison, Ellis Clapp, Opso Anastas, Julius Kenuneke. Second Row: (unknown boy), Henry Rankin, Julia Cliett, Laura Frazer, Sadie Fraizer, Arthur Grat, Mattie Dowman, Evelyn Strtling, Effie Jones, Nathan Rankin, John Miller, Guy Pattison. Third Row: Willie Dewitt, Earnest Pattison. Ruff Frazer, Edgar Viles, Lizzie Anastas, Rollins Pattison, Olga Hammerling, (unknown two sisters), Kate Frazer, Lena Miller, Alice Simmonton, Jennie Dewitt, Helen Burford, Kittie Clapp. Fourth Row: Teacher Robert Shirley, Boudie Frazer, Anna Donigan, Jesse Clapp, Annie Jones, May Viles, Angell Anastas, Mary Pattison, Clara Sterling, Hallie Pattison. Student names are by the teacher, Robert Chilton Shirley, son of the Rev. J. J. Shirley, and nephew of Mrs. George M. Pattison. Picture and information donated by Mrs. Daniel W. Haskew (Corrie Pattison) of Houston. 134778307 Pattison School 1931 Alton Neuman is kneeling, third from left in white shirt. Photo from the collection of Alton Neuman. 149442992 PATTISON SCHOOL 1932 Top from left: W. C. Taylor, Reisel Stasney, W. C. Yarborouh, Margarette Landy, Roland Spriggs?, Alwood Hartman, Roland Spriggs?, Alton Neuman. Seated from left: T. J. Baker, George Pattison, Shorty Hooker, Joyce Buller, Nanny D. Halbison, Lazetta Ehlert, Berdine Wright, Bonnie Smith, Katy Mae Kirk, Lillian Esther Buller. Photo taken on January 18, 1932 before the brick building was painted with stucco. Photo from the collection of Alton Neuman. 149442993 PENICK SCHOOL Penick opened as School District No. 11 in 1892. The building was enlarged to two rooms and later consolidated with Waller in the late 1930?s. It was located on the northwest corner of Rochen and Penick Roads. About 30 students attended grades one through eight. Ellis Brejcha is standing in the window. 149442994 Salem School 149442995 Slovanville School Slovanville opened in the 1890?s with Mr. Voitek teaching in the one-room school. The school had six to eight students from the Slovanville Community. Czech Europeans who came from Slovenia named the community. The school served as the community center and was about four miles southwest of Waller in the Justo Liendo Survey. The Kulhanek family donated the land and building after 1893. Site of SPJST Czech lodge, school and dance hall. Located at the end of a short dead-end road, about 100 yards west of the junction of Blinka and Haley Roads. Several public schools had dances in the 20?s and 30?s, usually with Czech polka bands. A 1908 property survey, Robinson, M. H. to J. A. Maxwell, references a road from Slovanville to Waller. 149442997 South Texas Baptist College, 1899 First Row: Mabel Umland, Johnnie Alice Binford Second Row: Denver Feazell, Emma Lagershausen, Miss Annie Black, Lottie Bishop Third Row: Garnet Sanders, O. L. Carroll, Henry Secrest, Clara Umland, Leslie Ayers, R. C. McCullough, Jennie Boulet 149442199 South Texas Baptist College First Row Seated: Lucy Ralston, Lottie Bishop, Johnnie Alice Binford, Hattie Waller, Victoria Ayers, Leslie Ayers, Bertha Ralston, Hettie Hargraves Standing: Mabel Umland, Willie B. Anderson, Hilda Lagershausen Second Row: Carrie White, Ruby Raiford, Fannie Curry, Mollie Montgomery, Edna Taylor, Agnes Ralston, Lillie Padgett, Dora Lee Binford, Willena Ralston, Minnie Taylor Third Row: Minnie Montgomery, Dr. Clark, Grace White, Miss Belle James, Maud Arendale Fourth Row: Ella Lagershausen, Julia Supack, Leslie Sullivan, Miss Black, Lucy Taylor, Claud Sullivan, Minnie Mathews, Jennie Boulet Single at top: Unidentified 149443082 South Texas Baptist College Standing: Lillie Padgett, Henry Secrest, Dora Lee Burton, O. L. Carroll, Miss Black, Garnet Sanders, Grace White Seated: Ruby Raiford, T. A. Binford, Minnie Matthews, Bob Sulivan 149443083 South Texas Baptist College 149443084 Teachers 149443085 Teachers Trip 149443086 Unknown School and Group 134778321 Unknown Black School 135600907 Unknown 149443090 Union School 1924 The Union School was located just north of the NE corner of FM-1488 and Mayer Road, about a half-mile north of the Shiloh Baptist Church and Cemetery - all north of Prairie View A & M University on FM-1098. Union School was a consolidation of Kirby Chapel School, about a mile to the north, and Pond Creek School about a mile to the south. The Union School was opened prior to 1915, since Beulah Kaley was the first graduate on April 21, 1915. The school had several rooms and after consolidating with Waller, the building was divided in two. One half remained on site and became a private home. The other half was moved to Fields Store. This 1924 photo shows Miss Mitchell, and her first through third grade students. 149443087 Union School Senior Class 1924 134778314 Union School - circa 1932 Annie Willena Leverkuhn (Garrett) is 2nd row from top, center student. Union School was located just north of the NE corner of FM-1488 and Mayer Road. This is also the north end of FM-1098, out of Prairie View. Union School was a consolidation of the old Pond Creek School (to the south, on the east side of FM-1098 near the creek) with the old Kirby Chapel School (located to the north, on FM-1488 at the SW corner with Mitchell Road.) 149443088 Union School Senior Class 149443089 Waller School Class 1924 Miss Ward?s class of forty-eight, similar-aged students implies multiple grade classes which were common in Waller up to this time. The first public school term in Waller was started in 1887. It was six months long and Mrs. Nettie Anderson was the first teacher at $35 per month. The town of Waller is not as old as Hempstead, Fields Store, and Hockley, but the Waller Schools grew rapidly through consolidations. Photo by W. J. Nalley, who photographed school classes throughout Waller County in 1924. 134736518 WALLER HIGH SCHOOL The back of the unmailed post card reads, in pencil: Eddie Anderson and the football team. Eddie and Will Anderson are shown together with George Hall and Herbert Spurlock on another post card. They are in formal suits and Will appears to be a year or two younger. Two Willie Andersons were in class in the short-lived South Texas Baptist College in Waller in 1899. At least one was a girl. The college had no football team and Waller High began football in 1926. The D. E. Hachett commercial on the fence may help determine the date of the photo. 149442197 Waller School- Miss Muske Class 1924 Miss Muske?s class may include multiple grades, but not the fifth or eighth grades, which are pictured separately. In 1916 there were four teachers for 165 students. The enrollment in 1924 included two years of high school and some teachers still taught multiple grades. 134778319 Waller 5th Grade 1924 149443091 Waller 8th Grade 1924 Mrs. W. A. McGee, the teacher, is in the center of the back row. Students may include Garrett, Stasny, and Stoener. 149443092 WALLER FIRST AND SECOND GRADES, 1924 Miss Laura Edison?s first and second grade classes in 1924 as photographed by W. J. Nalley. Miss Edison was one of four Waller teachers in 1916. The second girl in the back row from Miss Edison is thought to be Margorie Groce. 149443093 Highland School Children Students with lunch pails circa 1910. Maggie Fry is third from the left in the back row. 150376865 Highland School Children 150376866 Highland School Children Students pose in the crops. Two are behind the pole in the yard with four carriages or buggies. Are the horses tied nearby or are they back home - to return with buggy drivers at the end of the school day? Several students recalled going to school in a horse drawn buggy. 150376867 Brookshire School This photo was probably taken in 1892 as a class picture was made at a neighboring Pattison school that year. Class pictures were only made in years when a photographer came through. He probably sold photos to some of the parents - very few old school pictures can be found in family albums. 155894242 Unknown Brookshire Students 155894472 Fileds Store School 1914 This photo was taken in October of 1914. The building appears ?L? shaped, implying an addition of a room or two. By 1924, a second building addition was made and the covered porch extended across the front of the school, connecting the wings. The front of the school remained relatively unchanged until the consolidation with Waller. The school was converted into a community building and burned in 2001. Known students are: Lex Hill, second from left seated - Arnold Smith, sixth from left seated - Luther Wade, eighth from left seated - Stephenson, seated last. Zelma Hopps, standing third from left - Alma Sorsby in white with tie next to Zelma - Hazel Dawson, next taller - unkown in window - Mabel Bradbury, at right of window - Flossie Smith, below Jeff Smith, the tallest boy - Katie Smith, below the third boy standing on the porch - Jimmie Rene Ogg, next to Katie - Eddis Mac Buck, between the shoulders of Katie and Jimmi Rene Ogg, all three girls in white. Then Dora Bering, standing on ground to the left of the post - and Iva Smith, to the right of post on the same level and also in white. Next is the girl in checkered dress and then Susie Heflin, in white blouse and next to the boy on steps on the far right. Smaller and between Iva Smith and the girl in checkered dress is Estella Wilson, in white. Ferlen Smith, wearing cap is in the back on porch 155895063 Hempstead School 1908 At least three teachers are included: Mr. King at left, Mr. Gadbey in front center and Mr. Brown standing in the right window. Mr. king was a big man and probably very proficient at ?intimidation with the paddle. 155896034 Hempstead High School Teachers 1934 (From Yearbook - no names) 155896225 Hempstead Basketball Team 1934 HEMPSTEAD BASKETBALL 1934 (Waller County Champs) J. C. McKenzie - Coach, Fuller (Captain), Hill, Mooney, Moore (All District), Haffelfinger, Schneider, Mathews, Flukinger 155901772 Hempstead 5th Grade 1921 Marie Smith?s fifth grade class in 1921. Marie lived in Pine Island and taught in Hempstead. Marie is in the third row up ? fifth from the left. 155903056 Hempstead 6th and 7th Grade Fisrt Row: Lucy LeGrand, Willie Bithany, Beulah Duck, Alpha Harvey, Marie Ward, Wessie Tompkins. Second Row: Clarence Pool, Lucile Robinson, Albert Kinnard, Tuggie Robinson, Edith Rankin, Trixie Rankin, Morris Schwartz. Third Row: Annie Henson, Ethel Heard, Anita Schwartz, Ethel Guilliment, Georgie Norcross, Emma Manning, Nehemiah Foster, Allen Hannay. Top Row: Alma Gerald, Agnes Kinnard, Abby Lipscomb, Pearl Werner, Lizzie Mae Mathens, Otto Maas, Earl Ward. Photo loaned by Marie Smith, a Hempstead teacher. 155903320 Hempstead 7th and 8th Grade Mr. Medders class. The photo is from the collection of Marie W. Smith of Pine Island. Marie was a Hempstead schoolteacher and later taught at Waller School. The three boys seated in front and to the right of the bats are Lamar Amsler, Sidney Schwartz, and Maurice Ward on the end. 155903451 Hempstead Faculty 1908 Mr. Gadbey, Mr. Brown, Mr. King, Miss Ware, Mrs. Pollie McCuller, Miss Alice Kelly. This photo was taken by Schlueter of Houston and made into a post card. Postcard donated by Marie Smith, a Hempstead school teacher from Pine Island. 155904064 Highland Home School 1912 First row sitting: Freida Kretchmar, Maggie Frey, Edmond Leonard, Weldon Leonard, A. J. Nichols, Theodore Menke, John Frey Second row standing: Bernhart Kretchmar, Martha Kretchmar, Mary Pohl, Minnie Pohl, Susie Frey, Julia Frey, Ella Pohl, Flora Pohl Third row on bench: Wallace Brown, Milton Bryant, Minnie Kretchmar, Lillie Frey, Fritz Frey, Walter Menke 155904619 Hempstead High School 1910 Mr. Medders Class. 155905393 Hempstead High School 1913 The ?Class of 1913? postcard. Loaned by Marie Smith, a Hempstead school teacher. Front row: Unknown, Maurice Ward, unknown, Lamar Amsler, Sidney Schwartz, and unknown. 155905559 Highland Home School Students Students with ?syrup bucket? lunch pails circa 1910. Annie Pohl is fifth from the left in front. Maggie Frey is third from the left in the back row. The Frey family numbered about 15. Many Highland Home students were Freys, Pohls, Leonards, Warwarofskys, Nichols, Kretchmars, Browns, Bryants, and Menkes. 155958049 Hempstead Juniors 1934 William Urban Roland Sledge, Ruby Alice Wendt Cecelia Merle Brown, Lucile Hutchins Teddy Moore, James Foster Margaret Jo Frederick, Mary DiIorio Elvin Moore, Mildred Hutchins Harry Allen Frederick Ann Faye Colvin John Hicks, Harry D. Schwarz Artie Marie Brooks, R. C. Snider Carroll Hill, Sydney H. Carlton Walter Weaver, Verene Bragg, Staff Representative 155958420 Myrtle Grove School Students Waller County records list Myrtle Grove as school #24 from 1873 to 1894. The school was located west of FM-362 on Karsteter Road. Myrtle Grove consolidated with Gladish in 1907 and then with Fields Store in 1922. The first school bus in Waller County transported Myrtle Grove students to Fields Store School in 1922. The Myrtle Grove Community was near Fields Store and included a store, cotton gin, saw mill, syrup mill and post office. 155959760 Penick School Students Known as School district No. 11 in 1892, when it opened - Penick School was located on the north side of Rochen Road, about 100 yards east of FM-362. A second room was added and two teachers taught grades one through eight. There were usually 4 or 5 students per grade. Students included: Blazek, Brejcka, Grichar, King, Krenik, Rochen, Warwarofsky, and Wilson. Penick consolidated into Waller in 1929. The building, which consisted of two rooms of different sizes, was moved to Waller for private use in the 1930?s. 155960536 Hempstead Private School This private school conducted in the Complin Christian Church in Hempstead, circa 1903. The date of birth of some of the students in Miss Williams class is known. From the left, back row they are: Dawin, Dick Cuny, Sercy Glenn, Callie Elliott, Perlie Kieth, Jim Foster, T. J. Chapman, and Maurice Ward. The front row girls, from the left are: Leona House, Aline Haygood, Alice Rankin, Maud Elliott, and Ruthie Dryfuss. Photo donated by Marie W. Smith. 155960864 Possum Walk School Students 155960893 Springer/McPherson School Students 1898 The Macedonia Community built a one-room school in 1873 on what is now Macedonia Road. Mr. Enoch McPherson was the first teacher. Other teachers were Sally Hegar, May Hegar, Mrs. Lena McPherson, T. W. Garrett, Raymond Bennett, and Julia Lange. Over the years, the school and the community were called Hegar, Springer, and McPherson. Front Row: kneeling; Leslie Dinkins, Frank Pate, Archie Lloyd, Harry Glass, Walter Glass, Nick Dinkins, Ernest Lloyd, Isaac Lloyd. Second Row: seated; Mrs. Bill Page, Maude McPherson, Norma Pate, Lulu Windham, Agnes Leverkuhn, Ida Glass, Mary Emma Lloyd, Berta Dinkins, Birdie Ray, Edna Sheffield, Effie Hegar. Third Row: teacher Lena Page, Mamie Page, Julia McPherson, Estell Page, Fannie Page, John Page, Tabbie Sheffield, Mollie Ray, Edna Dinkins. Back Three: standing; Emma May Windham, Tommy Ray, Oscar Dinkins. 155966476 South Texas Baptist College Students Standing on first step: Henry Taylor, August Lagershausen, Earl Summer Standing on second step: Denver Feazell, Dr. Clark, DeCorsey Buchanan, O. L. Carroll, Parnell Nolen Third Row: Price Daniel, Miss Belle James, Morris Arendale, Mike Montgomery, R. C. McCullough In door: Henry Secrest, Miss Black, T. A. Binford, Mr. Tuman In back: Ed White, Faulkner Taylor 155966912 South Texas Baptist College Students First Row: (kneeling): Will Thomas, August Lagershausen, Gilbert Weyland, Claud Haley, Howard Hawkins, Henry Taylor, Mike Montgomery, Faulkner Taylor, Lonnie Callaway Second Row: Johnnie Alice Binford, Lottie Bishop, Hattie Walker. Mabel Umland, Hilda Lagershausen, Willie B. Anderson, Emma Lagershausen, Minnie Taylor, Maud Walker, Dora Lee Binford, (kneeling) George Shuford, DeCorsey Buchanan Third Row: Ed White, T. A. Binford, Ed Hune, Leslie Ayers, Victoria Ayers, Lillie Padgett, Sallie Binford, Edna Taylor, ?Doc? McCullough, Terrill Flukinger, Garnet Sanders Fourth Row: Lucy Taylor, Lizzie Montgomery, Mollie Montgomery, Fannie Curry, Julia Shupack, Tell Flukinger Fifth Row: Maud Arendale, Ruby Raiford, Minnie Mathews, Grace White, Morris Arendale, Agnes Raiford, Carrie White, Ella Lagershausen, O. L. Carroll Sixth Row: Price Daniel, Miss Black, Dr. W. E. Clark, Miss James, Henry Secrest 155966598 South Texas Baptist College Students ?Belles Lettres? Class (Fine Literature & Composition) First Row - seated on ground: Bob Sullivan, Agnes Raiford, Sallie Binford Second Row - seated: Henry Secrest, Maud Arendale, Ruby Raiford, Carrie White Three in center: Grace White, Jennie Boulet, Julia Supack Third Row: Claud Sullivan, Price Daniel, Clara Umland, Leslie Ayers, Unidentified, Miss Black, O. L. Carroll, T. A. Binford 155967394 South Texas Baptist College Students Belle James? Music Class First Row: Archie Umland, Mabel Umland, Hattie Walker, Denver Feazell Second Row: Dora Lee Binford, Miss Belle James, Willie B. Anderson, Minnie Arendale Third Row: Emma Lagershausen, Julia Supack, Claud Sullivan, Leslie Ayers, Clara Umland, Agnes Raiford, Victoria Ayers, R. C. McCullough, Hettie Hargraves 155967730 South Texas Baptist College Teachers Miss Annie Black - Art & Liiterature Miss Belle James- Music & History 156088154 Pattison School 1892 183371205 Pine Island School before 1929 189422309 Berge Dayton Donigan Diploma Houston High School Diploma 1922 189787482 Brookshire School 1920's 204004089 Whole Pattison School 1929 204005591 Brookshire School 1925 204076834