Farm and Ranch Farm and Ranch Ross Brown in Hempstead Loading watermelons onto train car. 149326986 Cotton Load Rack at MK&T in Brookshire Brookshire circa 1895 149326987 Cotton Weighing Platform in Brookshire circa 1892 The photo shows Otto Street north in Brookshire. Bales of cotton with children seated upon them are in the foreground. The large building on the right is the K. C. Hall, which also had plays, suppers, dances, and other entertainment. The nearest building on the left is Ferguson?s store (Hopkins? location), then McGaughys Drug Store, a barber shop, and the two story building at the end of the street was the Munsey building. It later became the store of Mose Summer and Joe Wander (Max Wander?s father). 149326988 Family farm 149326989 Hempstead watermelons being loaded View at 11th or Red River St 149326990 Moving watermelons from field 149326991 Enjoying a watermelon 149326992 A load of watermelons in Hempstead 149326993 John Neuman Ranch, Pattison, Texas - 1923 Cotton bale on sled being pulled by an oxen. From the left: Ed John Neuman, Alton Edward Neuman, Eddie Gus Neuman 149326994 Peanuts from Morgan farm 149326995 Peanut thrasher 149327020 Gathering peanuts 149327021 Bagging the peanuts for shipping 149327022 Blacksmith Shop 149327023 Rice field Rice harvesting with a steam tractor, large mules, and horses near Brookshire. 149327024 Wichita Truck with Trailer Cotton load near Brookshire. There were numerous large cotton gins in the Brookshire - Pattison area, and many smaller gins throughout Waller County. 149327025 Water truck 149327026 150376793 150376794 Frels Tin Shop in Brookshire 160563073 Tin and Plow Shop in Brookshire 160563076 181980384 181980385 181980386 Cotton Field near Waller, TX Donated by Ashley Byre 198775941 Farming, 1949 Pattison area 204005608 Rice combine & hopper 204026096 Rice farming 1928 204026097 Trettin & Trettin Gin Co F.A. Trettin in 1915-16 came to Brookshire from Orchard, TX. He and his three sons: Charlie, Theodore, and August caught enough fish (most likely from the Brazos River) to start a ginning business. After the father's death, two of the sons, Charlie and Theodore, commonly know as "Sketter", operated the business as a partnership until 1936 as Trettin and Trettin Gin Co. Then in was converted from steam power to electricity in 1928. The business was sold to H. P Donigan 1936. 204056043 Baronian Gin 204056877 Boettcher Gin, Waller 204056878 Carl Leverkuhn Gin 204056879 Cotton Wagon at Myrtle Grove Gin Wagons had to be fitted with sideboards in order to hold the 1500 pounds required to gin out a bale of cotton. 204056880 First Bradbury Gin at Joseph Burned in 1913 204056881 Al Carter Farm & Supply 205293600 Al Carter Farm & Supply 205293601 Rock Island Train 205293602 Loading watermelons in Hempstead 205293603