Maps & Posters Maps & Posters Steam Boat on the Brazos 149332979 Arnold Post Office Location 149331568 Cuny Home 149331569 Cuny Plantation Homestead Tract 149331570 Hempstead Area 1919 149331571 Hempstead City Plots 149331572 Hempstead City Plots 149331573 Hempstead City Plots 149331574 Hinton Ferry Crossing 149331575 Hempstead City Plot 149331576 Indians areas 149331577 Kellner As drawn on cloth by George Harrison - and recorded in 1893 in Vol. 13 page 509. Some west end properties of Brookshire are still recorded as Kellner. Story goes - the name ?Brookshire? was chosen by the railroad when they named their station. Capt. Brookshire probably owned the largest land parcel near town and the railroad representative didn?t know of Kellner. 149331578 1836 Highways 149331579 Hempstead Area Map 1919 149331580 Mexican Government Map 149331581 Hempstead Area Map 149331582 Trails of Waller County 149331696 1837 Map SECTION OF 1837 TEXAS MAP Note the four dots I added on the Coshatte Trail traveling Northeast: 1. The crossing of the Brazos - here the limey sandstone ledges are eight feet thick. This was the site of Groce?s Bernardo Plantation, 1827. 2. The crossing of Clear Creek (Fish Pond Creek) in the center of the Donoho League. Charles Donoho built his home and tavern here in 1831. 3. The crossing of Ponds Creek (formerly part of Fish Pond Creek) west of Liendo (1853). This is a stone?s throw west of the new FM-359 Bypass Bridge on Ponds Creek. 4. Laneview Road, which was also called the San Felipe Road by early surveyors after a trail developed from San Felipe via Pattison on the east side of the Brazos and Clear Creek. This San Felipe Road joined the Coshatte at Donoho?s. Laneview and the San Felipe Road east of Clear Creek run along watersheds or natural divides. Note the locations of the Coshatte and Alabama Indian Villages before they combined east of Livingston. The low road from San Felipe to Harrisburg (no Houston yet) is the San Felipe Trail. This is not the San Felipe Road, which became Laneview. The road from San Felipe to Liberty is the Atascosita, which passes the Hockley Mound and crosses Little Cypress Creek (Raccoon Creek) twice avoiding low areas. 149331697 MOUND TO ROBERTS Doctor Labaddie?s journey to join Sam Houston?s army took him from Dunman?s Ferry on the San Jacinto - to Roberts - to the Mound, where he camped - to San Felipe. The year was 1836 and there was no Hockley then. If there had been a Hockley, it would be on high ground along a direct route between Roberts and the Mound. Note the old trail from Hockley running SW from Bell Street across a flat prairie towards the Mound. If we extrapolate the trail on to the northeast, we see it converging with Roberts Road near Roberts League. The Hockley townfolks surely had weekend outings or picnics on the Mound as the Hempstead folks did. And they could have made the trail, but if a trail existed and there is no reason to not travel line-of-sight, use the old trail. The Mound was visible from Hockley and all other directions across the flat prairie. And there is a spring just south of the Mound on high ground. This trail shows up again on the Mound map. 149331698 MONAVILLE POLISH COMMUNITY - 1938 BLUE: Mikolajchak, John YELLOW: Sebesta, Adolph PURPLE: Gurka, Theo BROWN: Tomczak, Pete and later, Joe All four families farmed to the west, between the creek and the Brazos. Home sites included barns, stables, chicken and hog pens. The Monaville School was east, on the lane which became FM-1887. Farther north across the creek, on FM-1887, on the left: Mazurkiewicz Kujawa Warchesik Krolczyk Sebesta *as recalled from childhood by Gertrude Mikolajchak Nowak 149331699 Ferry Crossings 149331700 Pine Island 149331701 MEXICAN TEXAS This map showing the new colonies and official roads in Coahuila or Mexican Texas was revised with the addition of Washington and the La Bahia Road. The Coshatta or Contraband Trace is not shown. The roads are shown straight, they are just connections between places. But, there is a lot of info here. 1. We know the roads east from San Felipe split at Pattison, not San Felipe, after crossing the Brazos at San Felipe. The Atascocita Road ran along the south side of Raccon or Cypress Creek. It had to pass the Hockley Mound landmark. 2. The San Felipe Road runs along the watershed, Laneview Road, and joins the La Bahia Road near Anderson, a little closer to the Brazos. The middle third is the Coshatta Trace along Laneview and just west and parallel to Mellman Road. 3. The San Felipe Road to Harrisburg runs the south side of Buffalo Bayou, and ends at New Washington, or Morgan?s Point on the Bay. 4. There was a road alone either side of the Brazos between San Felipe and Brazoria. 149331702 Waller County 150376933 Hempstead Area Map 150376934 Hempstead Area Map 150376935 Hempstead Area Map 150376936 Hempstead Area Map 150376937 Hempstead Area Map 150376938 Hempstead Area Map 150376939 Hempstead Area Map 150376940 Hempstead Area Map 150376941 Hempstead Area Map 150376942 Hempstead Area Map 150376943 Hempstead Area Map 150376944 Hempstead Area Map 150377145 Hempstead Area Map 150377146 Hempstead Area Map 150377198 Hempstead Area Map 150377199 Hempstead Area Map 150377200 Hempstead Area Map 150377201 Hempstead Area Map 150377202 Hempstead Area Map 150377203 Hempstead Area Map 150377204 Hempstead Area Map 150377205 Hempstead Area Map 150377206 Hempstead Area Map 150377207 Hempstead Area Map 150377208 Hempstead Area Map 150377209 Hempstead Area Map 150377210 Hempstead Area Map 150377211 Donoho Farm and Tavern Layout Entire complex was enclosed with wood rail fence. Open area confirmed with dropped small caliber round bullets at east side (bottom) and same smashed bullets at west fence (top). When muzzle loading, small bullets are dropped and lost. Target area to the left of walkway in east fence. Flowing springs were to the southwest and southeast at about 100 and 20 yards. Deep trash buried in old gulley behind all slave houses. Landowner has Republic of Texas Army button and the only complete 1830?s dish that we found. The plot has been plowed for years and most surface bottle and dish shards are gone. 155844211 Brookshire Arial View April 1966 181980377 Brookshire Arial View 183371050 Pattison Arial View 190026888 Dance Ad 190026903 Rodeo Ad 190026904 Rodeo Ad 190026905