Artifacts Found in Waller County Artifacts Found in Waller County Back Pack Items 149525033 Star 149525034 Ball and Chain 149525035 149525036 Buck cent 149525037 Buckle 149525038 Bullets 149525039 Button 149525040 Button 149525041 Button 149525042 Button 149525043 Union Button 149525044 Union Button 149525045 Button 149525207 Button 149525208 Button 149525209 Button 149525210 Chewed Items 149525212 Compass 149525213 149525214 Civil War Items 149525215 Civil War Items 149525216 Civil War Items 149525217 Civil War Items 149525218 Civil War Lock 149525219 Dark bottle 149525220 Dark bottle 149525434 Dark bottle 149525435 Dark bottle 149525436 Dark bottle 149525437 Dark bottle 149525438 Dark bottle 149525439 Dark bottle 149525440 Dark bottle 149525441 Dark bottle 149525442 Dark bottle 149525443 Dark bottle 149525444 Dark bottle 149525445 Button 149525446 Dish 149525447 Dish 149532901 Dish 149532902 Flask 149532905 Flask 149532906 Flask 149532907 Flask 149532908 NY Button 149532910 Flint Stone 149532912 Flint Stone 149532913 Flint Stone 149532914 Flint Stone 149532915 Flint Stone 149532916 Flint Stone 149533222 Flint Stone 149533223 Flint Stone 149533224 Flint Stone 149533225 Flint Stone 149533226 Flint Stone 149533228 Reale 149533230 Horse Shoes 149533232 149533233 Dig Site 149533234 Stencil 149533235 Stirrup 149533236 149533237 Strong Box used on Stage Coach 149533238 Strong Box used on Stage Coach 149533239 149533240 149533241 Silver Reale 1824 Mexico City Mint Silver Reale 1824 Mexico City Mint - found at Donoho?s dump WALLER COUNTY DURING THE TEXAS REVOLUTION Sam Houston?s Texas Army crossed the Brazos into what is now Waller County at Groce?s Landing on the Brazos - close to the Coushatta Crossing, four miles below Hempstead. They camped at Groce?s Bernardo Plantation for about two weeks, then traveled to Charles Donoho?s by the Waller County Fairground. While at Donoho?s, Mosley Baker?s Company, Houston?s largest, camped at brother Isaac Donoho?s behind Denny?s and McDonalds on US-290. The groups joined and spent the next night at McCarley?s. Half of McCarley?s league is in Waller County, but Houston?s army camped in the Harris County half. Dr. Smith tended sixty men sick with measles at Donoho?s and they arrived too late for the battle of San Jacinto. Dr. Labadie traveled the journey with Sam Houston to San Jacinto and described portions of the trip. During this time, and in heavy rain, the exodus called the ?Run-a-way Scrape? clogged all creek and river crossing with panic-filled women and children fleeing before the advancing Mexican Armies. The Alamo and Goliad had fallen and all seemed lost. No one imagined the pending victory. 149533242 Silver Relic Silver ornament, found in Liendo lawn. About 2 x 3 inches. 149534566 150376879 150376880 150376881 150376882