Individuals of Waller County Individuals of Waller County Early 1900 Pattison Residents Back row: unk, Jim Cliett, Robert Beckendorf, Peter Clapp, John Greer Front: Ed Adams, Self Foster, Joe Cliett, Isaac Foster, Charley Garrett, Mr. Vales. Robert Beckendorff. Born 1850, died 1932 and buried in Katy Magnolia Cemetery. His first wife is buried in the Pattison Cemetery next to the Catholic church. Robert Beckendorff?s family lived where Hervey Vaclavik now lives ( Vaclavik Lane). After the first wife, Laura Campbell Beckendorff, died in 1896, Robert remarried to Martha Eudora Phillips, widow Pearson, in 1907. Laura died the summer of 1895 and the Beckendorffs had already claimed a section on the Katy prairie so son Milton Beckendorff moved onto this prairie land in November 1895 to stake the claim. The entire family soon moved there, thus the Beckendorff Road between Katy and Hockley. Robert Beckendorff is a cousin to my great grandmother Dora Kobs Neuman. However, he is a direct ancestor to Judge Glenn Beckendorff. Marie Neuman Gray 134774947 Brookshire Bank Officers BACK ROW: ? Carter, Carter Waldrop, Milton Schmidt (Funeral home), Chester Jordan, Albert Thompson SETTING: Jack Donald, Max Wander, G. L. Buller, Knubby Robichaux 134646650 J. C. Jenkins 134780963 Brookshire School Board 134735251 Hempstead Highschool Students From Left to Right: Phil Gratehouse, Al Culberson, Jerry Somerford, Calvin Chamberland, & Donald Crowhurst. ( The calf is unknown.) May be a FFA Project 134780967 Unknown Boys with Calf 134735252 Capt. Nathan Brookshire Memorial 134774931 Charlie Samuell, ? Hood, Lamar Amsler 134774932 David G. Burnet 134774933 Dr. Donigan 134774934 Dr. Paul & Rebecca Donigan 134774935 George Harrison & Sons 134774936 Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Hamerling 134774937 Hempstead FFA 1950 134774938 Cecil Armer & Hettie Hargrove 1910 134774939 Lady workers 1952 134774940 Ramond Dollins and Fred Branch at the Drainage District 134780978 Brookshire UMC Groundbreaking Kenneth Schulte is second from the left. Rev. G. Z. Sadler is holding the shovel. The lady to his right is probably Mrs. Sadler. Rev. Sadler was one of the famous Circuit Riders in his earlier days. 135600627 Louise Gra & Bob Garrett 1955 134774941 Louise Gra, Harris Garrett, Bob Garrett 1955 134774942 Max Wander 1964 134774943 Max Wander Insurance Agency and Staff Max Wander is man in middle, his daughter Jerri Roberts(wife of Perry) is to his left, and to her left is her son-in-law, Tom Conian 134774944 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cardiff Trip to Galveston 149454925 Mrs. Minnie Bains 134774945 Minnie Bains & Karl Micklitz 134774946 Pattison School Girls 134774948 Ray Henry birthday party Aug 24, 1921 134775149 Sarkis Kaligon, 1900, age 25 134775150 Waller County Centennial 1973 134775151 149454926 Rev. & Mrs. G. Z. Sadler 134775152 Craig Dickson 134684750 Brookshire FUM Ground Breaking 135600902 Connie Tatum and Calvin Beyer Walker Taken at 2012 Pattison High School Reunion. 160267149 Ervin Paben and Corrie Tatum 160267148 Craig Dickson 134684180 Craig Dickson 134684751 Craig Dickson 134684752 Brookshire City Council from left: Unknown, Winfred Faulk, Frank Culpepper, Mrs. Helen Fishbeck, center is Karl Micklitz, , Charles Houston, Roosevelt Alexander, Mr Foster 135601367 Taken in the Opera House in Pattison 149454933 Brookshire UMC Ground Breaking K. P Schulte is shown second from left and probably his wife on right next to him. 135601378 Woodsmen Presentation Neal Ritchie to the left of the flag, Darrell Schrader to the right of the flag, Back row: Arthur Gregory, Herbert Schrader, Woodsmen of the World Representative, and Frank Stallknecht. 138871114 Pattison Cowboys 138873173 191329207 Pattison Cattleman 138873174 Pattison Cowboys 138873175 Newspaper article on Pattison Cattlemen Sept 8, 1966 138873176 Wohlt family Christopher Wohlt, Johanna (Grieske)Wohlt, Frederick Wohlt (uncle Fritz), Emma (Wohlt) Kitzmann, Maria (Wohlt)Kitzmann, Dodie Wohlt. Emma was the mother of Mattie Kitzman Wilpitz and Emil Kitzman. Mary was the mother of Henry and Otto Kitzman. This family lived on a spot where the home of Pat Diezi now stands. The spring there in Best Creek (Now Bessie Creek) was a highly recognized place for baptismal ceremonies. This home was destroyed by the 1900 storm and not re-built. 138873442 Oeft Family Fredrick Rudolph Oeft, H. Oeft, Louise (Oeft) Schauer, Emilie/Amelia Edith Oeft, Albena/Alvena (Oeft) Bahr, Meta/Metha Levermann. Engie Marie Margrate (Graber) Oeft is the wife of Fredrick Rudolph Oeft but is not in the picture. There son H. died shortly after this picture was taken. Frederick Oeft was a blacksmith at Rose Hill. There is a grand monument to him in front of the Methodist Church in Rose Hill. Grandfather Ehlert went to Rose Hill when he came from Germany. He married Amelia Oeft and moved to Pattison so he that he could learn to speak English. The seventh of their eight children became Martha Helen Ehlert Kitzman. 138873443 Meta/Metha (Oeft) Levermann, Emilie/Amelia (Oeft) Ehlert, Louise (Oeft) Schauer 138873444 Prairie View Chemistry Class 1970 142342396 Boy Scouts at Camp Strake 1955 Herb Stallknecht, Grady Shearer, Jr, George Pattison, Alfred Matzke, Lee Bollinger, Doyle Johnson, Tommy Shearer, Pepper Diemer, Bobby Shearer, Dennis Kuneke 143840263 H. P. Donigan 181974034 H. P Donigan 181974029 H. P. Donigan 181974033 George E Longenbaugh Farmers State Bank Director 202927330 G.G. BARONIAN & DAUGHTERS Mabel, Isabel & Virgina At the Peter Donigan Home in Pattison Early 1900?s 149360722 Armenian Families in Brookshire and Pattison Back Row from left: John Manison, Manasell Manison, David Agopian, Mary Baronian (baby), Gregory Baronian, Nubar Erigan, Leon Harrison (baby), John Harrison, Sam Harrison (baby), Rose Harrison, Haigie Highrabedian, George Harrison Middle row: Peter Bijie, Mirrian Bijie, Souren Hovas, Selma Hovas, Jacob Capprielian, Mrs. Jacob Capprielian, Rubin Manison, Anne Baronian, Mrs. Haiggie Highrabedian, The Children: Adam Bijie, Mabel Baronian, Virginia Baronian, Isabelle Baronian Front with guns: Dick Bijie (shotgun) and Charlie Bijie (rifle) 149360723 Brookshire 1890 149360725 Unknown Couple 149360726 Unknown Couple 149360727 Roy Barrett 181974035 Carriage, circa 1926 From the left: Asia, the horse - Moss Allen - Emma Lee - Mary Bee - Mildred. These are the Dodd children from Monaville, the lady is unknown. 149360728 Retirement Party for Clark Thompson 1966 L to R: Ralph Waters, Evelyn Waters, Arthur Robichaux, Mabel Robichaux, Norma Jean Kitzman, Oliver Kitzman, Clark Thompson, Charles Powell (Chamber of Commerce), Libbie Thompson, Gus Mutcher, Bob Henry (Mayor) 181980375 CF and Fran 149360729 Emma Lee and Mary Bee Clack 149360730 Emma and Mary Clack 149360731 Davis Family & Miss Earline's Home 149360732 Commissioners Court L to R: Gilbert Hartman, Monk Taylor, Judge Jack Taylor, J. S. Greathouse, Jody Boetcher 181980379 GALEWSKY BIRTHDAY PARTY, HEMPSTEAD 1908 Party given by Mrs. H. Galewski for her son Henry, about 1908. The boys across front from the left are: Sidney Schwarz, Maurice Ward, probably Henry Galweski, and probably Lamar Amsler with the pocket watch. 149360733 Mr & Mrs Austin at their Hempstead Grocery 149360734 Hempstead Ice House 149360735 Historical Society 149360736 Unknown Hunters 149360737 Zack Family Kids 149360738 Krenek family 149360739 John Neumann Ranch, Pattison, TX 1923 From left: Ed John, Alton Edward, Eddie Gus Neumann 149360741 SMITH FAMILY Seated: William Jasper Smith & Elizabeth Wallace Smith L to R: Flossie Smith Willis, Henry Smith, Mellie Smith Karsteter, William Hosper Smith, Bert Smith 149360742 Men of Herman Concordia Verein 149360744 Group outside of saloon 149360745 Lamar Amsler, Mr. Medders, Maurice Ward, Sidney, Schwartz 1910 149360746 Pete Donigan 149361883 Deer Club 150374451 Dodd Family 150374452 Dodd Children 150375969 Clarence Miller 150375970 Kleb 1940 150375971 Soldier at Liendo Civil War Re-enactment 150375972 1953 Couty House Employees Back row, left to right : A. F. Fooster- District Clerk, John C. Winfree - County Judge, J. C. Clahoun - Commissioner Prec#1, Dick Cuny - County Clerk, A. S. Fletchr, Sheriff, W. P. Hernis, County Auditor, Mrs. L. E. Hill, County Treasurer, J. E. Haney - Commissioner Prec#2 Front Row, left to right: C. W. Kaisah, County Attorney, Ira Tompkins, Tax Assessor, C. H. Urban - County Surveror, Rick Gartrell - County Road Engineer 155092134 Laying Corner Stone of of County Corthouse Jan 14, 1955 Comm. S. T. Pattison, Jr, Dick Cuny, Comm. Delphine Stepka, Comm. J. C. Calhoun, Comm. J. E. Haney, County Judge John C, Winfree holding Trouel 155092135 Erma Winfree 1939 155092136 Erma Winfree and Lela Frazier 155092137 Lola Frazioer and Erma Winfree 1939 in Houston 155092139 Erma Winfree and Lela Frazier 1939 155092143 John C. Winfree, County Judge and his dog Betty Lou In front of New Court House 155092138 Commissioners Court December 30, 1960 A. O. Muske-Prec#4, Delphine Stepha-Prec#3, John C. Winfree-County Judge, Albert M. McCaig-Prec#2, Jess S. Gratehouse-Prec#1. Seated at left Mrs. Leola Hancock, County Clerk 155092140 Fritz Muckelroy, 1956 155092141 John C. Winfree, July 1954 155092142 Commissioners Court ,Dec 1958 Dick Cuny-County Clerk, Guy T. Pattison, Jr.-Comm. Prec#4, Delphine Stepka-Comm. Prec#3. John C. Winfree-County Judge, J. E. Haney, Comm. Prec#2. J. C. Calhoun-Comm. Prec#1 155092145 Lela Frazier, Erma Winfree, Ola Chadwick in San Antonio 1937 155093793 Last Meeting in old Court House 1954 Standing, Left to right: Winfree, Karisch, Stepka, Hernes, Cuny, Gartrell, Haney. Seated: Calhoun, Pattiosn. 155093794 Frank Krenek Family 160555432 Joe Krenek Czech Band 160555433 Historical Commission/Society Award Presentation 2012 From left to right: Junior McKay, Judge Glenn Beckendorff, Sandy Buller, Truett Bell, Judy Robinson, Richard Senasac, Commissioner Frank Pokluda, Commissioner Otis Styers III Center: Commissioner Sylvia Cedillo, Ruth Connett, Commissioner Stan Kitzman Front row: Peggy McKay and Carol Ann Eplen Photo by Liiie Ruby 160717988 Pattison High School Reunion 2012 160717989 Hilda Kelley Bell Texas Division President UDC; President General of the UDC 1996. Member of the John B. Hood Chapter John B. Hood Chapter #2147 Pattison, TX 163954005 John B. Hood Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy 163954907 Farmers State Bank Directors George Rheman, Sr, Mar Wander, G. E. Butler, "Hank" Jordon, George, Longenbough, George Thompson, Nubby Richardson, A, Agapain (not a director) 168313643 Hempstead Tennis Club Alice Luca, Doris Reinshers, Louise Kelley, Myrtle Barnes, Milner Baker, Ruth Key, Jimmy Braven 168313644 Jimmie Whitworth 168313645 Mr. & Mrs. Murray Diskin 168313647 Mr. & Mrs. Hammerling and daughter Daughter is either Olga or Francis 168430171 Anne McDade 168562395 Cooper Family Left to right: Engle King holding Jay Cooper, brother King, ?, Veta Sterling, Wess ?, Anna cooper, Mary Cooper, W. G. Cooper, mother & father Cooper standing, Cooper children (Donald, Winnie & Willie, Carl, Tenci, Gladys Cooper) 168582063 Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department Left to right top row: Albert Crowhurst - Asst. Chief, Mabry Hall, W. F. Winkleman, H. L. Fowler - Sec. Treasure, J. Kosh - driver, L. H. Matzka - Capt. Nozzle#1, Leonard Crowhurst, Boyd Sinclair, K. Hoke, W. W. Mathis, J. C. Hicks - driver, Willie Wendt, C. B. Gardner - Chief Left to right-bottom row: Jeff Shelburne, George Mathis, Lee Fowler, Jody McCarty, R. Foster, Mike Stein- Capt. Ladder Gang, J. W. Wiesner Sr, A. Weaver, Jim Stiebing. 168582064 Frank Lance Family 168582065 Phyllis Felton 168582066 Unknown Please let us know if you know who this is. 170782538 Berwin L. Hale at Brookshire Depot in 1911 From left: Berwin L. Hale, Unknown Depot Agent, Depot Operator, and Depot Porter. This picture and post card were donated to the Waller County Museum by Tony Weynand, grandson of Berwin Hale. 179448953 Michael Bunch Mr. Bunch is a Civil War Re-Enactor and is show here dressed in authentic Confederate Civil War Dress Uniform at a presentation to the Waller County Historical Society in July 2013. 181975768 Grady Shearer 183371092 HA Calhoun and Family (Around 1920) Contributed by: Dan Calhoun, Ontario, Canada 188090558 Hillard Albert Calhoun Contributed by: Dan Calhoun, Ontario, Canada 188090559 Mary Gertrude Loggins Calhoun Contributed by: Dan Calhoun, Ontario, Canada 188090560 R to L: Hillard Allen, Hilliard Albert, and JC Calhoun Contributed by: Dan Calhoun, Ontario, Canada 188090561 Ruth Calhoun Cooke Contributed by: Dan Calhoun, Ontario, Canada 188092443 August Ferdinand Reinke and Louise Mayer Donated by Nancy Sinclair 188129486 Richard Reinke and Minna Wickel Donated by Nancy Sinclair 188129487 Walter Reinke and Adela Mueller Donated by Nancy Sinclair 188129488 Walter and Theresa Loggins A road was named after Walter in the Howth area. Contributed by: Dan Calhoun, Ontario, Canada 188149994 Florence Donigan 189787360 Florence Donigan 189787371 Maritza (Mary) Donigan 189787361 Matitza Donigan 189787362 Martiza Donigan as Bride 189787363 Pete Donigan 189787364 Erma Stuart Winfree - Muckelroy 1984 Born Oct 27, 1906. Wife of John Winfree and took his place as Judge in Waller County at his death. 189787365 Pete Donigan, Rosa Baronian, Anna Baronian 189787366 Judge John Charles Winfree Waller County Judge from 1946-1961. He served in both World War I & II and was in France on D-Day. He received the Purple Heart but returned to Waller County to finish his Judge position. 189787370 90th Brithday Celebration in 1985 Lois Dalton, seated, hosted a triple birthday party at her home in Brookshire. Celebrating their 90th birthdays were Frankie Dee Cooper, Mary Helen Cox, and Delta Dalton. 189787372 Sheriff Mounted Posse Members: Pete Meissner, Wes Buller Sr, Sam Wilson, Edward Schultz, Leo Whitehead, Donald Rollins, Guy Pattison, ? Parks, Frank Machac, Jim Campbell, Son Repka, Red Finely, Charles Holt, Leland Beckendorf, Charlie Meissner, Lyndsey Young,Leroy Blackford, Louis Kuiten, Oleo Hightower, Lawrence Brejea, Gene Beckendorf, Charlie Buendos, Roy McCellan, Lawrence Koenig, Henry Darrow, Rev. Jones, Tarry Pattison 190026394 Crete Palmer & Jesse Howard Ranch hands on the Muske Ranch from 1942 and 1945 until death. 189914357 Pete Donigan Christmas Card 1898 States: On the way to my farm 1898. With every good wish for Christmas and happiness in the New Year - Peter H. Donigan 189914358 Roy Muske 189914359 134806769 Dr. Paul Donigan Dentist and owner of house/office where the current Historical Museum is located in Brookshire. 197688162 Edwin Waller 197688163 Edwin Waller 197688165 Hermann Laas State Representative from 1914-1918. 197688167 George Harrison Owner/Operator of first water system in Brookshire. 197688168 Mrs. George Harrison 197688172 John Chambliss Winfree Painting 197688169 Minnie Bains Historical Museum Administrator from 1976-1986. 197688171 Myrtle Richie Historical Museum Adminstrator 197688173 Pete & Rebecca Donigan 197688175 197688176 Unknown Donigan 197971651 Mills, W D Bank President 1922 - 1948 197971654 Dr. John Cameron Russell A medical doctor, buried in the Kirby Chapel Cemetery, Waller Co, TX. Born 1831 in Jackson, MS. Received his medical degree from Tulane University. Picture donated by Thelma Russell-Sanders Farr and Ruth Russell-Sanders Middleton of Hockley, TX. 197971655 Florence Rheman Wells Painting as a baby Born July 20 1889 197971656 Mrs. Warren Cooper 197992317 Warren Cooper 197992318 Mr. J G Kellner & wife Amatie 197992319 Pro Kelly, wife & Son-in-law 197992320 Elisabet Ney 197992321 Jimmie Rene Ogg Waller County School Superintendent and teacher 197992322 William Stallknecht family 197992323 John McPherson Pinckney Waller County Judge killed in Court House in 1906. 198773964 Thomas D Pinckney Killed in Court House in 1906. 198773965 Court House Murders These men were killed in the Waller County Court House in 1906. 198773966 Blum, Frank, Emily (Wiechmann Spriggs), & Tom Ashby Donated by Tommy Clark 199252895 Jeannine, Geraldine, & Grandma Campbell Donated by Tommy Clark 199252896 Charles A Spriggs & Katie Wells Donated by Tommy Clark 199252897 Frank Spriggs & Hulda Wenzel Donated by Tommy Clark 199252898 Lula Haak Donated by Tommy Clark 199252899 Mary Spriggs Haak & daughter Mary Bill Spriggs twin sister. Donated by Tommy Clark 199252900 Willie Haak Donated by Tommy Clark 199252901 Frances Spriggs, Alma & Rosa Krenke Donated by Tommy Clark 199252902 Louis Spriggs & Evie Gibson Son of Frank Spriggs. Donated by Tommy Clark 199252903 Emil, Emma (Wiechmann) & Johnnie Matzke Donated by Tommy Clark 199252904 Emil, Emma, George & Johnnie Matzke Donated by Tommy Clark 199252905 Milland Campbell & Francis Spriggs Taken 7-27-1913, daughter of Frank Spriggs. Donated by Tommy Clark 199252906 Rachel Spriggs Wife of Thomas Jefferson Spriggs. Donated by Tommy Clark 199252907 Ed & Mary Schumacher Donated by Tommy Clark 199252908 Edd Schumacher Butchering hogs. Donated by Tommy Clark 199252909 Benjamin Franklin Spriggs Donated by Tommy Clark 199252910 Elbert, Charlie & Englewood Turner, & Theodore Spriggs Donated by Tommy Clark 199252911 Francis, John, Louis, & Theodore Spriggs Children of Frank Spriggs & Emily Wiechmann. Donated by Tommy Clark 199252912 Jared Spriggs & wife Donated by Tommy Clark 199252913 John Spriggs Son of Frank Spriggs. Donated by Tommy Clark 199252914 William Henry Spriggs & Adala Wiechmann Family Donated by Tommy Clark 199252915 Theodore Spriggs & Ruby Campbell Donated by Tommy Clark 199252916 Louise "Lula" (Wiechmann) Haak Donated by Tommy Clark 199252917 Emil & Ava Ella Wiechmann Donated by Tommy Clark 199252918 Herbert & Julie Wiechmann Donated by Tommy Clark 199252919 Mary & Mamie Wiechmann Donated by Tommy Clark 199252920 Minna (Schmidt) Wiechmann Donated by Tommy Clark 199252921 Minnie (Schmidt) Wiesmann Mother of Emily Ashby. Donated by Tommy Clark 199252922 Theodore Wiiechmann Donated by Tommy Clark 199252923 Heinrich Leverkuhn 199263937 Martha Davis Leverkuhn 199263938 Barbecue Celebration This picture was taken November 6, 1955 at Mr. Gerald Sheffield's farm at a barbecue and celebration of Farm to Marker Road 1488 being completed. L-R:John C Calhoun-Commissioner Pct 1, J.E. Jim Haney-Commissioner Pct 2, Guy Pattison-Commissioner Pct 3,UK, UK, UK, John Winfree-County Judge, Gerald Sheffield 199382287 Frank & Annie Walker Buried in Tank Cemetery near Pattison, TX Frank (1871-1935, Annie (1874-1914) 199479040 Ballerina Performance ot Waller HS 1950s 199593437 Thomas Gregory (1880-1901) See his story under Documents/Individuals 199792599 Howth School about 1912 Class (at Howth). Known people in picture are John C. Calhoun, his brother H.A. Calhoun, and their sister Alberta Calhoun Lacy.. John C. Calhoun is the first boy on the right of the picture, his brother (H.A) is to his right and sister is directly above them. 199980422 Bill McDaniel Family Bill McDaniel, wife Lucile, daughters Ruth Lynne and Sofia Dianne taken on the front steps of the First Baptist Church in Waller, TX 1952. Submitted by Jim Haney 200228125 Residence of Waller County 2015 Left to right: Jerry Scroggins, Ken Smith, Walter Sorsby, Scott Howell (back of head), Otto Hargrave, Elva Jean (Robertson) Bell, John Bell, Mrs. Bill Jones, Bill Jones, our waitress, Brady Hand, Doyle Sitton, Eunice Haney Sitton and Jeff Smith. Jim Haney took the picture. 200228126 J. B. Haney with Ruth Lynne McDaniel on "Tony" Taken in 1948 in front of the parsonage of the First Baptist Church in Waller, TX. 200237249 Dr. Bartley, early 1800's 200541271 Eugean Bartley 200541272 Mrs. Bartley, wife of Dr. Bartley 200541273 Willie & Dan Bartley, Dr. Bartley children 200541274 Willie Bartley, child of Dr. Bartley 200541275 Rebecca and Paul Donigan 200554046 Norris Wright Cuney (May 12, 1846 - March 3, 1898) Born in the slave quarters of Sunnyside Plantation (3.2 mi.SE), Cuney displayed such intelligence as a boy that in 1859 he was sent to Wiley Street School for Negroes in Pittsburgh, PA. On returning to Texas after the Civil War, he studied law and began operating a wharf contracting company in Galveston. Cuney soon became an active member of the Texas Union League, which urged black political activity and Republican Party loyalty. In 1870 he organized the Negro Longshoremen's Association. In later years he served Galveston as a city alderman, school board member, and U.S. Customs collector, and ran twice without success for the state legislature. On July 5, 1871, he married Adelina Dowdie; they had two children. After 1872 he emerged as leader of the Republican Party in Texas, attending national party conventions as chairman of the Texas delegation. He served on the Republican National Executive Committee in 1891-92. The party broke his power in Texas in 1896 by refusing to seat his delegation--an action which deprived blacks of a voice in Texas politics until the 1960s. Cuney, one of the most prominent blacks in Texas history, died in San Antonio, where he had moved for his health. He was buried in Galveston. 199280631 Norris Cuny Painting 202336325 Norris Cuny Parents ? Philip Minor Cuney, and a slave mother, Adeline Stuart 202336326 Norris Cuny Parents Painting 202336327 Madison Kilpatrick 203927426 Warren Franklin Donald Mayor of Brookshire in early 1970's 203933183 George & Pauline Laas Sept 1972 203935955 James Timothy Ashford 203942184 Laura Brown 203942185 Monroe Lawson 203942186 Glen Mayberry 203942187 Pearl Estelle Solomon 203942188 William Franklin Donald 203961394 Lee Macy Fowler Sr 203961395 Roy and Howard Muske 203961396 Anson Jones 203961821 James Barry (Oldest TX Cowboy) 203961822 203961823 National Bank Photo Charles Powell. Bank VP & Frank and Vela Johnson customers. 203961824 Harry Searle & Robert Rod Harry Searle, Mayor of Brookshire and Robert Rod, Chairman of the bank board. 203961825 Dr. George Woolfolk PVA&M professor and chairman of Department of History and Social Sciences. Retired after 41 years. 203961826 Historical Commission Minnie Bains, Annie Sams, Mildred Asbshier, Bettie Sheffield at unveiling of Fields Store Cemetery Historical Marker. 203961948 Oliver Kitzman 203961949 Pattison Post Office Opening 203961950 Bob Chatham 203965957 Bogie Fuller 203965958 A.M. McCaig & Jack Taylor 203965959 James McDade 203965960 Richard Peebles 203965961 John Pinckney 203965962 Rose Simmons 203966032 A. W. Randall Head of Math department at Prairie View A&M University in 1923. 203978294 Schlipf Family 203978295 W.P. Herns Sr. 203982011 Lula Herns 203982012 I. N. Jones 203982013 Jack Taylor 203982014 Thompson & Herns family front: Mr. & Mrs. T F Thompson, back: W. P. Herns Sr., wife Anna Bell and son W.P. Jr. 203982015 Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Thompson 203982016 T. F. Thompson & son Jr. 203982017 T. F. Thompson 1911 age 70 203982018 Eule kids 203982168 Mr.& Mrs. William Eule 203982169 Asmanak Agopian 203988476 Rebeccah & Paul Donigan 203988477 Judge Allen Hannay 203988478 Judge Allen Hannay 203988479 Harris Garrett 203991779 Cooper, Martin, Bemus, Martin Back: Mrs WJ Cooper, Elady Garrett, Front: Bernice Cooper, Sidney Martin, EB (Biddy) Bemus, Walter Martin 203991836 Cooper, Muske, Bemus, Martin kids Bernice Cooper, Elmo Muske, Louise Cooper, Biddy Bemus, Walter Martin 203991837 Mr & Mrs W.F. Donald, Mr & Mrs W.J. Cooper 203991838 Roy Muske 203999533 Francis Field Wife of D. H. Field 203999534 Robert Kluna 203999535 Mattie Field Eddings Sister of D. H.Field 203999536 Unknown 203999544 Jimmy Davis 1985 Royal ISD Principal 204004000 Unknown Boys in 1917 204005530 1936 Pattison Girls Eileen Byer, Geraldine Wander, Alice Harrison, Josephine Manasian, Marguerite Harrison 204005531 1936 Pattison Girls Alice Harrison, Eileen Byer, Marguerite Harrison, Josephine Manasia, Geraldine Wander 204005532 Anna Gluech & Jimmie Ogg 204005533 Cornelius Blair Employed for over 50 years by the Donigan family. Fired the boiler at Donigan's Gin in Pattison. 204005534 Willie Abel & Geraldine Wander 1935 Pattison 204005535 John Jahn & Mans Henke Cotton yard in Houston 204005536 Mary Margaret Harrison 1936 Pattison 204005537 Charlie Russell, Hempstead 204005610 Irene Cliett See article about her forming her own nation in Waller County known as Eneri, Irene spelled backward. 204008209 Dr. George Ruble Woolfolk Prairie View A&M Professor 204008210 J. D. Woods Jr. 1982 204026062 J. D. Woods, Jr. in Rice Field 204026063 George Pugh and J. D. Woods Jr. 204026064 E H Anderson PVA&M second principal 204053124 L C Anderson PVA&M third principal 204053125 W R Banks PVA&M seventh principal 204053126 E L Blackshear PVA&M fourth principal 204053127 E B Evans PVA&M first principal 204053128 L W Minor PVA&M first principal 204053129 J G Osborne PVA&M sixth principal 204053130 L C Phillips PVA&M Dean of Chapel 204053131 L C Phillips 204053132 I M Terrell PVA&M fifth principal 204053133 Alvin I Thomas PVA&M President 204053134 George Ruble Woolfolk PVA&M Professor of History 204053135 Pete Donigan 204076831 George Harrison 204076833 J C McDade in Civil War Uniform 204081060 J C McDade 204081061 Brazos Ferry 1940's The ferry landing across the Brazos at San Felipe. From left to right, the people are Billie Frances Wilson, Ellis Kitzman ( Bill's oldest brother) Gleister Kitzman ( Bill's sister), Charles Allen Wilson ( father of Charlie Wilson), Billie Leonard, Nix Norwood, Lydia Kitzman ( Bill's sister), Lomax Mikeska, Iris Good, Part of the wooden ferry landing is visible, and the group are in Waller County with the bluffs in Austin County at San Felipe behind them. 205031192 Ellen Cooke Daughter of Francis Jarvis Cooke 205293507 James M. L. Bonner 205293508 205293509 Mary & James Martin 205293510 Washington H. Hendrick Family left to right:Irvin, Wyatt, Washington H, Daisy Hedrick (Bowling), Russell, Emma W, Dick 205293511 Wyatt C. Hendrick taken in 1905 205293512 Francis Jarvis Cooke 205293514 William Martin Bennatt 205293563 Lillie Drennan 205293564 Henrietta Groce 205293565 Deer Hunt, Opening Day 205293631