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REVISED 31 January 2011




The name of this organization shall be Waller County Historical Commission (hereinafter called the Commission).




The commission shall be organized and governed under the provisions of article 6145.l of Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes.




The purpose of the Commission shall be to initiate and conduct such programs as may be suggested by Waller County Commissioner’s Court and the Texas Historical Commission for preservation of the historical heritage of Waller County. The commission shall institute continuing goals of historic preservation: the identification, protection, and interpretation of historic and prehistoric sites, structures, places and objects located within Waller County.




Section 1. Membership shall consist of at least seven (7) residents of Waller County and may consist of an unlimited number of citizens who are interested in the purposes of the Commission and who request appointment to the Commission by Waller County’s Commissioners Court. Requests for appointment should be in writing. Members of the Commission shall be appointed by Waller County Commissioner’s Court during the month of January of odd-numbered years and shall serve for a term of two years. Should The Commissioner’s Court fail to appoint a commission by April 1, of odd numbered years the Texas Historical Commission may appoint such Commission upon thirty (30) days written notice to Caller County Commissioner’s Court of its intention to do so.

Section 2. Anyone may propose his/her appointment to membership by presenting his/ her name in writing to the Recording Secretary of the Commission by the October meeting of even - numbered years. In the next following December the Chairperson of the Commission shall present these names in writing to the Commissioner’s Court with recommendation for their appointment to the Commission.


Secion 3. There shall be two (2) classes of membership: Regular and Life. All members shall be active and entitled to participation in all Commission deliberations and activities.


Section 4. The commission may, by a two- thirds majority vote and with the approval of Commissioner’s Court, bestow Life membership upon a member, or County resident not at the time, a member, who has evidenced an outstanding and desirable interest in the historical heritage of Waller County.




Section 1. Officers, Officers of the Commission shall be Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and parliamentarian.


Section 2. Nominations, In October of even numbered years, the Chairperson shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three (3) members and request their recommendation of a slate of officers at the following February meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor.


Section 3. Elections. Officers shall be elected for a two year term at the February meeting of Odd - numbered years following the appointment of Commission members by Commissioner’s Court. Election shall be by a majority vote of members president and voting and there shall be no proxy voting. Election shall be by voice vote, or show of hands, except that there shall be a secret ballot when there is more than one nominee for a given office. Newly elected officers shall be installed and assume duties immediately upon election. With the exception of the Treasurer, no officer shall serve in the same office more than two consecutive two -year terms. Should an officer resign, or otherwise leave office before his term expires, the Chairperson shall appoint a member to fill the position until the next election date.


Section 4. Executive Committee. The elected officers shall constitute the Executive Committee which shall attend to administration business arising between scheduled meetings. Meetings may be call by the Chairperson or upon the written request of two or more members of the Executive Committee.





Section 1. Chairperson. The Chairperson shall


a. Preside at all meetings

b. Appoint committees

c. Develop an annual program of work integrating

d. Present timely reports to Waller County Commissioners Court concerning Commission activities

e. serve as an ex -officio member of all committees except the

Nominating Committee.

f. Prepare and have posted written notice of the date, time, place and agenda of each meeting in accordance with the Texas Open Meeting Act.

G. Perform such other duties as may pertain to the office.


Section 2. Vice - Chairperson. The Vice - Chairperson shall


a. Preside at meetings of the membership in the absence of the Chairperson.

b. Assume the office of Chairperson should a vacancy occur

c. Serve as projects coordinator

d. Perform such other duties as may be appropriate to the office


Section 3. Recording Secretary. The Recording Secretary shall


a. Record minutes of all meetings

b. Be responsible for keeping minutes and other records pertinent to the office and up to date and available to perusal


Section 4. Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary shall


a. Call or take roll at all meetings of the membership.

b. Attend to the correspondence and read all Commission correspondence at meetings.

c. Send notice of meetings to the membership

d. Notify newly appointed members of their appointment.


Section 5. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall


a. Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget stating proposed projects, estimated costs and possible sources of income, and present same to the Commission’s two funding sources two funding sources, i.e., Waller County Commissioner’s Court and Waller County Historical Society, Inc.

b. Receive, deposit, and disburse the Commission’s budgeted County monies

c. Present at each meeting a report of monies available to the Commission from Waller County Commissioner’s Court budget and from Waller County Historical Society, Inc.

d. Maintain an accurate accounting of all funds and present same at every regular meeting.

e. Present to both funding sources periodic reports accounting for the expenditure of funds

f. Prepare for an annual audit of Commission finances and at the close of each year present all necessary materials to the selected auditor.


Section 6. Parliamentarian. The Parliamentarian shall


a. Determine the quorum at meetings of the membership

b. Advise on any question of parliamentary procedure at stated in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

c. Stand at order to rule on any procedure that is contrary to these bylaws.




Section 1. Regular. Regular meetings of the Commission shall be Quarterly with the first meeting of the year held in February at Waller County Courthouse/Annex, Hempstead, Texas, time & place selected by chairman. At the February meeting, regular meetings shall be scheduled for the current two - year term. By a majority vote of those present at a meeting, the time and place of a meeting may be changed a dictated by need.


Section 2. Special. Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson, or upon the written request of three (3) or more members. An agenda and notice of a

special meeting time and place shall be posted at least seventy -two (72) hours prior to such meeting. Such notice shall be posted at the Courthouse and at other public places within Waller County.



Fifteen percent (15) of the duly appointed members of the Commission present at each meeting shall constitute a quorum and must include at least one officer of the Commission.




Standing committees as follow shall be appointed by the Chairperson.


Section 1. Historical Preservation. This committee shall be responsible for establishing an active historic preservation program in Waller County and shall be concerned with the actual work of preserving, restoring and recording tangible evidences of history.




Section 2. Historical Marker and Research. This committee shall be responsible for all matters related to Official Texas Historical Markers. It shall survey subjects and sites for possible historical markings, update landmark lists for the County, and secure locations for, and obtain permission to erect markers.


Section 3. History Appreciation. Committee members shall be responsible for projects related to disseminating information about Texas and local history by publicizing the Commission projects through the news media, schools, civic organizations, historical tours, etc.


Setion 4. Advisory. This committee shall facilitate public participation in the work of the Commission and act as liaison between the Commission and the Texas Historical Commission; it shall afford a means of communicating with all citizen leaders concerning the purpose and objectives of the County historic preservation program.


Section 5. Finance and Budget. This committee shall be concerned with all matters relating to the Commission’s fiscal responsibilities. Working with the Treasurer,

this committee shall manage the Commission’s budget and funds in accordance with proper and accepted procedures. It shall, with the Treasurer, prepare and present an annual budget to the Commission’s two funding sources, i.e. Waller County Commissioner’s Court and Waller County Historical Society, Inc., presenting a detailed program of projects to substantiate requests.


Section 6. Publication Committee. The Publication Committee shall be responsible for printing a handbook containing officer’s and member’s names, addresses and phone numbers, also all committee assignments. This committee shall be available for assistance in the selection, approval and editing of all publications sponsored by the Commission.




The Museum Board shall consist of no fewer than five (5) nor more than ten (10) members, all of whom shall be members of Waller County Historical Commission and one of whom shall serve as Chairperson of the Board.


a. The Chairperson of the Museum Board shall be elected for a two year term by the Historical Commission at the February meeting in odd numbered years. Exception shall be that the Chairperson of the museum Shall be elected for the remainder of the two year term at the first regular meeting of the Commission following the adoption of these bylaws.


b. Nomination and election of the Chairperson of the Museum Board shall follow the procedures, restraints and provisions set forth in these bylaws of the Historical Commission, Article V, Sections 2 and 3.


c. The remainder of the Museum Board shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Historical Commission at the February meeting of odd numbered years. Interim appointments may be made to fill vacancies as dictated by need. Term shall be for two years with reappointment permitted.


d. The Museum Board shall have the authority to manage and operate Waller County Historical Museum at Brookshire, Texas. It shall be guided by Texas Historical Commission advisories and by other knowledgeable museum publications.


e. The Museum Board shall have the authority to organize itself as needed to carry out the operation and management of the Museum, including the selection, use and scheduling of Museum volunteers, but with the responsibility reserved to the Commission.


f. The Museum board shall report its activities to the Historical Commission at each meeting of the Commission. Search committees for the employment of Museum personnel shall report to the Commission for approval of prospective employees.




Section 1. The Commission shall make an annual report of its activities and recommendations simultaneously to the Commissioner’s Court and to the Texas Historical Commission before the end of each calendar year.

Upon the election and/or appointment of personnel, all names of such persons and their respective offices or assignments shall be reported in writing to Commissioner’s Court.


Section 2. The Commission shall make recommendations to the Waller County Commissioners’ Court and the Texas Historical Commission concerning the acquisition of property, real or personal, which is of historical significance.




Section 1. The Commission may operate and manage any museum which may be owned or leased by Waller County, and may acquire artifacts, and other museum paraphernalia in the name of the museum or the Commission and may supervise any employees hired by the Waller County Commissioner’s Court to operate the museum.

Section 2. The Commission may receive funds from the Waller County general fund for the following purposes:


a. Erecting historical markers, monuments and medallions

b. Purchasing objects and collections of objects of any kind which are historically significant to Waller County

c. Preparing, publishing and disseminating, by sales or otherwise, a history of Waller County.

Section 3. The Commission may receive from Waller County Commissioner’s Court a car allowance and reimbursement for travel expenses and/or other expenses necessary to the operation of the Commission. These expenses should be included in the budget planning as expected expenses.




Section 1. The Recommended order of business at all meetings of the Commission shall be as follows:


a. call to order

b. roll call (my be taken from sign - in list)

c. reading of minutes

d. treasurer’s report

e. reports of committees

f. communications

g. old business

h. new business

i. Adjournment


Section 2. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised , shall govern the commission in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws.




Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Commission by a two - thirds vote of those present, provided that all members were furnished a written copy of the proposed amendment (s) at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the proposed amendment (s) is (are) to be considered.




The fiscal year shall be January 1 to December 31.




If for any reason Waller County Historical Museum should close, its collection shall be returned to individual donors with any remainder going to the museum at Washington on the Brazos. However it shall be the prerogative of the Commissioners’ Court to dissolve the Museum and dispense with its permanent collection.

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