Waller County Texas Historical Commission / Society

Waller County Texas History, offered by the Waller County, TX Historical Commission/Society

Search instructions:

To search our databases, we use the Microsoft OneDrive search capabilities.   To use the search feature, you must be logged onto our Onedrive Search Account. We have provided a OneDrive Guest Account for this purpose. This allows for file names and internal file data to be retrieved from all files within our databases, including newspapers.  Please read the instructions below, then press the blue button "Search Website Data" at the end to start the search.

Step 1:  If you do not have a Microsoft Account, go to Step 2.

Click the Microsoft Icon in the upper right corner of your screen. 

(This area may look different depending on the Web Browser you are using)

The sign out screen will appear.  Select the "Sign out" option.  (Your Onedrive list will appear.  Shown below is an example.

Step 2:

Type "onedrive.com" in the URL address of you Web Browser.  The following OneDrive "Sign in" page will appear.

Type the name of the quest OneDrive account.


Enter the guest account password -


The following OneDrive data screen will appear.  Enter your search keywords in the "Search everything" box and press "Enter" to begin the search.  A list of files will appear that contain ALL keywords entered.  Each file can be opened to further search for each keyword.